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QUALITY- BLUE PETER Series® products are specified and used by Motor/Generator OEMs and motor repair service providers all over the world. Produced under strict ISO-9001registration certification, manufacturing procedures are documented and regularly audited by a globally respected registrar. Quality goals are set which included provisions for continuous improvement and with extensive employee involvement. 

PRICING- The suggested retail prices on standard BLUE PETER Series® products are equal to or significantly less than other suppliers.  Find out for yourself by letting us quote on your next order.

DELIVERY- Many standard BLUE PETER Series® items are shipped from stock the same day that orders arrive. Items that are ‘built-to-order’ are normally delivered within 2-3 weeks ARO. We also have the ability to HOLD reserved stock for individual customers on repetitively ordered items. Just tell us what you need and when you need it… we will work with you to design a reliable delivery program.