BLUE PETER Series - End Turn RTDs

Flexible Surface RTDs & Thermocouples

Flexible Surface "End Turn" RTDs and Thermocouples

BLUE PETER Series® surface mount temperature sensors with a flexible body allow monitoring of objects with complex contours and shapes.


These are well suited for monitoring conduit runs, motor housings and other areas where probe type, embedded or other invasive style tempera­ture sensors might be awkward to mount without affecting equipment integrity.




Available in your choice of either a Kapton® or Silicone Rubber body, these sensors can be mounted almost anywhere that temperatures do not exceed 250°C (482°F).

Kapton® is very light weight and especially resistant to tearing, cracking or cuts: Kapton® is an organic polymer providing high levels of resistance to many solvents, oils, radiation and fungus. Standard bonding methods can be applied. Being somewhat transparent adds to Kapton’s versatility.

Sensors with silicone rubber bodies are rugged, moisture and chemically resistant and are easily bonded or cemented to the surface desired.

When the exact location of a change in temperature on sensitive equipment is difficult or, even impossible, to predict, the BLUE PETER Series® line offers a solution. To satisfy these needs, we offer both “Spot” and “Averaging” styles of RTD sensors.  


  • Easy to install
  • Broad offering of standard configurations
  • Available in custom sizes & sensor element types
  • Choice of Thermocouple or RTD element
  • Can be mounted after repair or rebuild