8 Channel Scanning RTD Meter/Relay

Model KMD-8R eight channel digital scanning RTD meter/relay was developed specifically for the electric motor/generator market. Microprocessor based, it is can accept up to eight-(8) RTD inputs-either 3-wire or 2-wire.


Unique to the KMD-8R is its ability to accommodate all of the common RTD types used in rotating machinery thermal protection applications.





Motors and generators often use six stator winding
RTDs…two per phase. Additionally, either a
 probe style or an embedded style bearing RTD is
placed at each bearing housing.  The KMD-8R can
accommodate mixed RTD types, such as six 100ohm Platinum-(385) RTDs from the windings area and two Copper 10 RTDs from the bearings at each end of the device being monitored.

Signals from these RTDs are fed to the eight input channels of the Model KMD-8R. Up to two setpoints can be configured independently for each channel. A user might wish to set one to notify control room personnel of temperatures that are borderline high…the second setpoint might be set at a temperature level that might be considered serious.


The meter has a 4-digit numeric display for temperature readings and a 2-digit display to show the channel whose temperature is being displayed. The unit also has 12 LEDs to indicate the presence of an Alarm State for each channel, the presence of a Relay Trip condition and which temperature scale is being displayed.


Configuration data, including setpoints, alarm levels, input types, units and other control parameters, are setup either by the user via front panel pay pad entry or by the factory prior to shipment. The KMD-8R includes two relays. The alarm state of any channel can be configured to either or both SPDT relays.


The unit can also communicate for other control system instrumentation by means of an optional communications module RS-232 or RS-422/485.