BLUE PETER Series - Probe Style Bearing Sensors

Probe Style Bearing RTDs & Thermocouples

BLUE PETER Series® bearing sensors accurately measure temperatures in bearings.

Available with either resistance temperature detector (RTD)
or thermocouple elements, units with body lengths of 12",
18" and 24" are stocked for immediate delivery. Probes are available in three popular sheath diameters: 0.188", 0.215" and 0.250.


Available in your choice of sheath types:
- cuttable 316 solid stainless steel sheath with fast responding copper tip
- cuttable 316 stainless steel sheath with electrical isolation junction. Also with fast responding copper tip

To complement the BLUE PETER Series® bearing sensors, a complete liine of ancillary hardware including Connection Heads, Thermal Blocks, Hex Fittings, Nipples, Extensions and  Connectors are also available.