Blue Peter Series - Products

Product Line Overview

RTDs and Thermocouples

accurately measure the winding temperatures in motors
and generators. Of the highest quality, they meet ANSI
C50.10-1990. Color coded for easy ‘first glance’ identifi-
cation, each sensor body also is clearly marked with the
item catalog number and description. For additional information [click]

BLUE PETER Series® FLEXIBLE SURFACE Temperature Sensors
are used in a multitude of electromechanical applications ranging simple cabling or conduit monitoring to critical windings "End Turn" surveillance.Because of their size and unique physical capabilities, flexible surface sensors come in with either an adhesive or a plain back. For additional information [click]

BLUE PETER Series® PROBE STYLE BEARING Temperature Sensors
range from cuttable stainless steel shafted RTDs to bearing sensors which are supplied with a complete thermowell body and connection head. Supplied with a highly responsive copper tip.  For additional information [click]

BLUE PETER Series® EMBEDDED BEARING RTD and Thermocouple Sensors
sensors are small in size but, these sensors hold up well to vibration and rapid temperature changes. Models are available in various different case styles and can be supplied with either Thermocouple or RTD elements. For additional information [click]

NEW BLUE PETER Series®  Model KMD-8R 
8 Channel Scanning RTD Meter/Relay
is designed for use with the wide array of RTD types found in the motor/generator industry including Platinum 100ohm (both 385 and 392 TCR), Nickel 120ohm and Copper 10ohm. For additional information [click]